We offer services for Print design, Digital design, Website design, Application design, Photography, Social Media Marketing, and Hosting. Some of our real-life projects are showcased here. The website which you are looking at is designed by our CEO. We are an online design agency started by Shazia in 2013.  She also has a portfolio website at She loved to design and draw since her childhood. She works on her own as well as with a small team of designers and developers. During her transition from a doctor to a designer, she has experienced a greater level of self-satisfaction, self-identity, and sense of achievement. She earned a degree in Graphic Design by studying online from TGDS Australia.

She is proficient in Print and Digital Design along with some basic skills in capturing an image as well. She has completed her Web Design course for her personal growth and career progression and now she is capable of designing full websites. She is a great Creative Quality Controller and has a strong eye for detail.

She is a lady with a strong professional manner with an ability to work on her own initiative, as well as in a team. The design has become a very important aspect of her life. She loves to create new and inspiring designs from the comforts of her home. She is organized, forward thinking and will help provide you with a structured solution.

FaRa Graphics team has done a big project of iOS Application design & development for Matt Fox Physiotherapy. The App is a great success and is available on the App Store to buy online. The App is named as Matt Fox Injury Prevention. Please refer to testimonials to read what Matthew says about Shazia and her team. All our work is done remotely by online collaboration through Skype, WhatsApp or face to face meetings depending on the nature of the project.

She is now a member at Open Studios Altrincham, where she goes regularly to improve her photography, painting and drawing skills. She has recently bought iMac and iPad Pro and now she is mastering & enjoying the most modern and latest equipment at home combining it with her drawing skills on her own initiative using the Astropad Application.

Our work and portfolio have been shortlisted for Freelance Graphic Design role at Steven Stone Ltd. Shazia worked for Sale West Community Centre Tree Celebration Event for which she has designed a Leaflet and a Poster by herself. She also worked from home for some time as a Social Media Evaluator for Appen Falcon Ads, which proved to be very rewarding and profitable for her.

Here is her CV and Cover Letter for Graphic Designer & Illustrator roles: