We also provide professional and specialised translation for medico-legal documents from English to Urdu. Also, we are certified medical transcriptionists. We have been working for Harwood Solicitors, Blackburn translating psycological, medical and ENT reports. We have also translated accident claim insurance and legal car hire documents. This has provided us a diverse experience in various fields. If you have any documents that you need translating from English into Urdu, please contact us.

Shazia is also capable of using some of her design skills (Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop) & medical skills together in medical translation work. She is using her Creative Quality Control skills in Translation. She also works as a freelance consultant translator of medico-legal documents from English into Urdu. She can provide samples of her professional translation work. She is a professional linguist, medico-legal & community interpreter and translator. This additional experience and skill of her helps in website / iOS application content writing and editing, professionalism and an eagle eye for detail.

As far as her achievements in the last five years are concerned, she has been continuously struggling to start her own work from home business. In that context, she has been able to set-up her own website, started working and earning through her design, photography, translation and interpreting skills. She has continuous regular translation and interpretation work due to her bilingual skills and medical background. She has a complete fully-equipped office with latest technology including iMac and iPad Pro at home.

In her spare time, she also works as a Professional Freelance Interpreter for Prestige Network, Global Voices, D.A. Languages Limited, Debonair Languages, UK Linguistic Services and Pearl Linguistics respectively. Just at the start of her exciting new journey, she has been exploring different places like Bolton, Warrington, Stoke-on-Trent, Sheffield, Liverpool, Altrincham General Hospital and Whiston Hospital. She has been helping in Accident Claim Investigations, Patient Collaboration, Coroner’s Court hearings, Family Court Advisor and Solicitors Office meetings. By travelling to different new places, she is capturing scenic beauties in her camera which enhances her design portfolio.